Sometimes it feels like magic- this work of ours at Brain Fit Academy.  This little six year old girl had had a rough morning. It was now afternoon and when she arrived with her mother for her session, she didn’t want to come out of the car.  We were able to coax her out of the car rather quickly, but when we went to the … Continue reading Magic


Vulnerability is a raw emotion. And trust is a needed emotion.  When you’re working with someone to address personal struggles, like we do at Brain Fit Academy, our clients (and their families) are often feeling very vulnerable. They have sought us out- looking for help for themselves or their child and they may arrive in a very vulnerable state.  What is vulnerability exactly? Brené Brown, … Continue reading Trust

How Long is a Piece of String?

I recently attended the annual Breakthroughs International Conference for the first time. The conference took place in Malaysia, but was online this year due to COVID-19. Since many of you may not be aware of this organization, let me explain. Breakthroughs International is the over-arching organization under which Brain Gym® International falls.  If you follow my blog and/or are clients of ours, then you will … Continue reading How Long is a Piece of String?

The Screening

“Boy, you really understand our son/daughter!” This is a phrase we hear a lot from parents that come to Brain Fit Academy. Very often, we hear words like that during (or after) the screening.  You may be wondering…just what is the “screening”? You see, once a family has contacted Brain Fit about our services, the first thing that happens is that a phone call is … Continue reading The Screening