Being a mom of a child with special needs, or a child that struggles, is hard. Now, I’m not discounting dads, but today the focus is on moms. Sometimes, there are good days. Sometimes, there are bad days. Sometimes there are great days. And sometimes, there are really, really, bad days. On those days, those bad days- sometimes- it’s ok if the only thing you … Continue reading Sometimes

I did it!

You know when you finish something you’ve been working really hard on, and when you get to the end you have mixed feelings about it? Yesterday, I finished my last required course in order to become a Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant and with that, comes mixed feelings. I feel proud of myself for completing the rigorous coursework that was involved. I feel relieved that I … Continue reading I did it!


Balance is such a big word. And by big, I mean used in so many ways. People talk about balance in life. We talk about balance in our emotions and in our bodies. We talk about balance in our relationships and balance in the world. In a way, I wish there were other words to describe so many ways that “balance” comes into play. It … Continue reading Balance