Balance is such a big word. And by big, I mean used in so many ways. People talk about balance in life. We talk about balance in our emotions and in our bodies. We talk about balance in our relationships and balance in the world. In a way, I wish there were other words to describe so many ways that “balance” comes into play. It … Continue reading Balance

A New Beginning

Yesterday, the governor of our state (Massachusetts) announced that all remaining COVID 19 restrictions will be lifted in about 10 days. As you know, I don’t write about politics-or viruses, but I do write about lives. And so today, this announcement has me thinking about the similarities to what happens with many clients that come through the program at Brain Fit Academy.  I’m talking about … Continue reading A New Beginning

What was the Pregnancy Like ?

I’ve mentioned before about how at Brain Fit Academy, we talk a lot about babies. And, how could we talk about babies without talking about pregnancies? When families first contact Brain Fit and are interested in setting up a screening for us to see their child, they fill in some paperwork. Actually, kind of a lot of paperwork- lol. The paperwork includes the developmental history … Continue reading What was the Pregnancy Like ?