I remember when I first learned about Brain Gym®. I was teaching second grade at the time and those “buzz words” circulated around-first at my school and then the district.  It was intriguing to me. 26 (seemingly unusual) movements with interesting sounding names that could help students in a classroom. I wanted to learn more about them and how they worked!  At the time, my … Continue reading Teachers


I guess I already knew how heavy the bags are that I carry to every client’s house. I just don’t really think about it unless someone asks me. It wasn’t until I injured my knee and needed to think about carrying large tote bags into a client’s house that I really needed to stop and think about what I have in those bags and whether … Continue reading Bags


Those of you who know me well will know that I’m an “achiever”. Some may even call me an over-achiever.   I wasn’t always like that though.  As a child, I would get fixated on things that didn’t matter all that much. I would over-focus on little, piddly things that didn’t make much difference to anyone. I’m pretty sure I drove my family nuts sometimes. And, … Continue reading Pride