Puzzle Pieces

Primitive Reflexes. If you follow this blog of mine you know that we address unintegrated (not finished) primitive reflexes at Brain Fit Academy.  But in case you aren’t familiar, or you need a refresher- primitive reflexes are hard- wired, early motor patterns that all babies go through. Directed by the brainstem, they are automatic, stereotyped movements. They happen without consciously doing them. Baby turns their … Continue reading Puzzle Pieces


Resilience. It seems to be one of the many buzz words going around these days- but what does that really mean? By definition, resilient means “Able to withstand or recover from difficult conditions.”  In other words- deal with, and/or be able to bounce back when bad stuff happens. Fall seven times- stand up eight. Since being a part of Brain Fit Academy, I’ve learned how … Continue reading Resilience


Time is an obscure concept, isn’t it? We expect kids to understand the passage of time and when they don’t, it’s hard for us to understand. Well, at least I found it hard to understand. For the longest time, my son had trouble understanding time, and the passage of it. He didn’t understand how long it would take him to do things. He didn’t understand … Continue reading Time