Did He Crawl?

I don’t remember the exact conversation that took place between Pam Formosa (owner/director of Brain Fit Academy) and my husband and I. However, I’m sure that it happened during our initial screening appointment with her and I know it went something like this: Pam: “Did he ever crawl? As a baby, did he crawl?” Me: “No- he didn’t. He started walking at nine months.” Pam: … Continue reading Did He Crawl?


In this crazy year of 2020, amidst a pandemic that threw the world into chaos, I am thinking about tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Day and all that I am thankful for in regards to Brain Fit Academy. I am thankful for smiles. The smiles on the faces of my clients and their parents. Smiles when they are able to do something they couldn’t before. Or smiles when … Continue reading Thankful

We Use Movement

Survival. We all need to survive. Physically, emotionally, cognitively- survive. We go through our days, sometimes only seemingly “just surviving”. It happens- to all of us, right? We have stressors in our life that can push us into that “just surviving” mode. And, when in the middle of a pandemic, those stressors seem to keep coming, don’t they? At least I feel like that for … Continue reading We Use Movement


What would happen to a tree if it didn’t have strong roots?  Would it grow healthy, strong and tall?  Would it be able to stand erect in the ground and maintain its stability in the wind?  Would it be able to withstand the ebbs and flows of weather patterns?  Would it support the tree in the best way possible? I’m no arborist, but I would … Continue reading Roots