My 12 year old client was balancing on my round yoga balancing board while simultaneously holding an infinity loop marble board and rolling marbles around it rhythmically. Have you ever tried something like that? It takes a tremendous amount of balance, coordination and focus to accomplish it, and there he was- doing it like it was easy as pie.  To understand why this was such … Continue reading Changes


“When was the last time you noticed your ears?”  I remember when Pam Formosa, the owner/director of Brain Fit Academy asked this question of myself and my teacher colleagues. She had come to the school where I was teaching at the time to present a workshop about Brain Gym® in the classroom and was teaching us how to do the activity called “Thinking Caps”- an … Continue reading Notice


I’m sitting in front of a beautiful lake, eating my lunch between appointments and I’m thinking about beauty. There is such a wonderful amount of beauty in this world. In the sky, in the mountains, in the lakes and oceans, and rivers.  And- there is so much beauty within kids. But sometimes that beauty is overshadowed. It might be overshadowed by anxiety. It might be … Continue reading Beauty