Goal. It’s number 2 on our “schedule” for sessions with clients- right after our Brain Gym® settling in activity called PACE.  Why is a goal the first thing we start with after we settle in to the session? We set goals because- you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. Let me say that again. You can’t change, what you don’t acknowledge.   If you want to … Continue reading Goals

Everyone is so Different

“Are the challenges similar, among the kids at Brain Fit?” a family member recently asked me. I immediately answered “no” and as I started to think about the different clients I work with I realized that although there are definitely some similar things about them, generally-everyone is so different! Now, I’m not talking about different personality-wise, that is a given since they are all different … Continue reading Everyone is so Different


“This felt different to me. It felt deeply engrained. Like on a primal level she felt too vulnerable lying in that chair having somebody tower over her in her mouth.” Those are the words of the mother of one of my clients at Brain Fit Academy.  She recently wrote a testimonial for us because she was in such awe as to how well her daughter’s … Continue reading Primal