As we get older, we sometimes forget to play.  Everyone (myself included) are so busy. We’re working, driving the kids to their sports, clubs, or friends’ houses, running errands and just generally trying to keep up with ourselves. And then recently, COVID-19 happened. The pandemic that helped (and continues to help) many people remember how to play. At Brain Fit Academy, we always play. We … Continue reading Joy

The Passion for the Work Led me Here

I’ve always worked with kids.  It started in junior high school when I would babysit for local neighborhood kids.  When I was a junior in high school I started working after school for an after-school program, working with elementary aged kids.  And my college major? Yup- you guessed it, Elementary Education.   As of today, I am officially on a one-year leave from my teaching job. … Continue reading The Passion for the Work Led me Here