Welcome to my blog, where I share my passions, thoughts and ideas. I write about my passion- working with kids and families as Lead Coach and Educator at Brain Fit Academy Inc.

Brain Fit Academy is an expanding business working with children and families who are struggling with social emotional, learning and organizational challenges. We understand child development and how underlying immaturities in the brain affect learning and behaviors. Using a movement-based program, we help kids and families move forward.

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Latest From My Blog:

  • Balance- Part II
    Sometimes, it’s hard to find balance. It’s too easy to shut the world off, pretend like things aren’t there. Responsibilities, problems or situations that easily bop you ”out of the loop“. It can be too easy to focus only on the details, or the big picture, but not both at the same time. And you might even “escape” in order to deal with it.  When …
  • Sometimes
    Being a mom of a child with special needs, or a child that struggles, is hard. Now, I’m not discounting dads, but today the focus on moms. Sometimes, there are good days. Sometimes, there are bad days. Sometimes there are great days. And sometimes, there are really, really, bad days. On those days, those bad days- sometimes- it’s ok if the only thing you do …
  • The Only Thing
    “It’s the only thing that’s helped.” These are the words of the mother of my six year old client. I was asking her how things were going and she was telling me that things were good. They were seeing nice changes with their daughter- specifically with sensory issues that she has had for a really long time. The mother went on to tell me that her …